Calligraphy Feather Quill Stationery Set

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Calligraphy Feather Quill Stationery Set
  • Easy to use, high-quality nib made of stainless steel for smooth writing
  • Vintage texture copper pen holder
  • Feather is soft and made of natural material, slight imperfections are normal
  • Ink bottles are empty (ink is not allowed to be shipped)

Product specifications:

Size: feather pen size: 25-26cm /9.8in-10.2in

Gift box package size: 27.5cm × 11cm × 4cm / 10.83in × 4.33in × 1.5in

Product material: alloy pen holder + stainless steel nib

Each quill is equipped with five nib models. No. 1 3mm, No. 2 2.5mm, No. 3 2mm, No. 4 1.5mm, No. 5 1mm.  The tip of the pen is 1.0mm.

 *This item may take up to 60 days to arrive*